What Sorts Of Eco Friendly Promotional Bags Are Available?

With more people becoming concerned with the impact that they are having on the environment, the emphasis on using eco friendly products to market our businesses is growing. One of the most popular and useful forms of marketing is promotional bags in Australia, but is it possible for them to be environmentally friendly? In short, the answer is yes. There are actually a number of bag products available that fall somewhere in this broad category.

  • Bamboo
    One of the main factors that makes bamboo such an environmentally friendly material is that it comes from a renewable source. Bamboo is an incredibly fast growing plant, which ensures that its supplies are quickly replenished after being cut down. Once the bags are no longer needed, they can also be recycled with ease.
  • Calico
    With many retailers already looking to phase out single-use plastic bags, calico ones are fast becoming a popular alternative. These items are made from natural, unbleached cotton (the most eco friendly option), but they can be dyed if you want to add some colour. Once these items are no longer required, they can also be recycled.
  • Enviro
    Whilst this category actually includes all of the promotional bags in Australia that we have discussed here, they are sometimes all grouped together under this ambiguous category. These items can be made from a range of sustainable materials, including: 100% organic cotton, bamboo and even materials that have been recycled.
  • Jute
    For those of you unfamiliar with this phrase, jute has been manufactured using a rough, natural vegetable fibre. It actually has an appearance very similar to sacking, which makes it look even more eco friendly. Poly-cotton handles are used for added reinforcement. Once these bags are no longer required, they can be recycled.
  • Paper
    Many people fail to consider that paper bags are actually environmentally friendly. These days, many of them are made from recycled paper and cardboard and, when they are no longer required, they can also be sent for recycling. These items are also reinforced and treated for water proofing to ensure that they will last.
  • PET
    For those of you unfamiliar with this phrase, PET is actually the result of plastic bottles that have been spun into fibre or yarn and then woven into a fabric. These sorts of bags are highly eco friendly, as they save energy and resources, as well as prevent a large number of bottles from ending up in landfill. They’re also recyclable.

If you are interested in using promotional bags in Australia to market your business but are wary of the impact that they have on the environment, worry no more. As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can invest in bags that are actually quite eco friendly. This will not only make your clients feel better about their own impact on the environment, it will also show them that you are a business who cares about the future of the earth.