Mistakes To Avoid When Using Promotional T-Shirts

Even though promotional t-shirts are a great way to get your company noticed, they will only be successful if you have avoided making any mistakes. Whilst you may not think that mistakes will make that much of a difference, even a single one can have a seriously negative impact on your visibility. We have outlined some of the more common mistakes in the hopes that you will be able to avoid them in your own campaign.

  • Using cheap t-shirts
    If you are thinking about handing out promotional t-shirts, spare no expense when it comes to the quality of the fabric used. Cheap or poor quality fabric suggests that you don’t care too much about the appearance of your company. Whilst we aren’t saying that you need to go for the most expensive option, make sure that you have inspected the fabric before placing an order to ensure it is good quality.
  • Handing out wrong sizes
    At the end of the day, no one is going to wear an ill-fitting t-shirt. This is why it is important that you have considered your target audience and planned accordingly. If your audience is children, for example, make sure that you have a range of kids sizes on hand. Many people find that having an array of small, medium and large sized garments (in kids, women’s and men’s sizes) is often sufficient for fitting everyone.
  • Using weak designs
    Having the right design for your t-shirts is critical for the success of your campaign, as it is the thing that will capture your audience’s attention (and hopefully hold it). The quality of the fabric will not matter if the image is blotchy or the text is so small it is unreadable. It is important to take time finalizing your design; print it out a few times to ensure that the colours all work and the text can be read from a distance.
  • Having complex instructions
    Before ordering a load of t-shirts, familiarise yourself with their care instructions. If the garment is overly complex to wash, such as needing to be dry-cleaned or soaked prior to washing, your audience is unlikely to wear it more than once. It is important to choose garments that are simple to wash and care for, as this will ensure that your audience pulls them out of the wardrobe time and time again.
  • Using poor dyes
    No one wants to put a promotional t-shirt on, go for a run in the hot sun and then realise that their sweat has caused the dye to run. This will not only stain your skin (which takes a lot of scrubbing to remove), it can stain other clothing that you’re wearing and ruin the design. It is vital that you use high quality dyes for both the colour of the t-shirt and the colour of the design to prevent this from happening.


By avoiding each of the mistakes we have outlined above, you can rest assured that your promotional t-shirts will be successful in advertising your company name and message. The first three points are probably the most important mistakes that you need to avoid, but all of them can have a significantly negative impact on the way that your audience views your brand. The company you are ordering through should be able to help you out.