A Guide To Purchasing Exhibition Display Systems

If you are in the market for exhibition display systems, there are a number of things that you need to consider. Not only does the price need to fall within your budget, its size needs to meet the restrictions of your booth, it needs to be long lasting, it needs to be flexible and it needs to be lightweight. This can make choosing between systems quite difficult, which is why we have outlined some of the main considerations to keep in mind.

▪       Price is not the be all and end all
Many people are unable to overcome the basic instinct of simply choosing the lowest priced option. With many of the lower priced systems being manufactured in Asia, the industry has become a very competitive one and price is key. In making your choice, you need to strike the perfect balance between price and quality. This will require intensive research and the overall reliability of the manufacturer. There are certainly other considerations to be made, but this should make the top three.

▪       The manufacturer’s reputation
It should go without saying that the longer a manufacturer has been in the business, the better. Basically, if they have been in business for longer than a decade, then they must have an impressive list of satisfied customers who can testify to their quality. We are not trying to say that a new or even relatively new company won’t be reliable, just that you cannot be sure of the quality of their displays until you’ve bought them. Is this really a risk that you’re willing to take?

▪       Lightweight & transportable
Attending any sort of event most likely means that you will be carting many things around (such as exhibition stands, lecterns, shelves and even staff). Taking all of this into account, it makes sense that your exhibition display systems should be as lightweight as possible. This will ensure that you can cart it between events with ease, that you won’t need an army to get it out of the vehicle and that it can be assembled without issue. If the system is too bulky, it will be a pain to transport.

▪       Remember to ask questions
The sales people are there to answer your questions and offer advice specific to your situation, so don’t be afraid to ask about anything that you feel is important. If something in the description of the display is unclear, ask one of the sales people to clarify – you don’t want to make your purchase only to discover that it wasn’t quite what you were after upon delivery. There is no such thing as a stupid question, so don’t be afraid to ask whatever pops into your mind during the purchasing process.

We hope that the above considerations have provided you with some sort of guide when it comes to purchasing exhibition display systems. Whilst it is certainly important to keep the price in mind, it should not form the basis for your decision – there are a number of other essential factors that need to come into play. If you are still having trouble choosing a system, ensure that you speak with an expert as soon as possible.