7 Ways Custom Home Builders Can Incorporate Technology

These days, custom home builders are experimenting with ways to introduce technology into their designs. It won’t be long before our homes can control their own temperature, provide their own heat and be fully wired for internet access in every room! It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but the reality is that such advancements are within reach.

Whilst this sort of future is still a fair way off, there are ways that builders can incorporate similar technology today. We have outlined 7 of the most common ways that this is currently being achieved:

  1. Efficient Building Envelopes
    Constructing a highly efficient building envelope can actually provide a lifetime of lower energy costs. This can be achieved with advanced framing techniques, air sealing joints and moisture management systems.
  2. Mechanical Systems
    There are other high-efficiency systems that you might like to include, such as: tankless or instantaneous water heaters, geothermal HVAC and energy recovery ventilation systems.
  3. Home Automation
    Did you know that you can use your smartphone or tablet to open the garage door, turn off the sprinklers, turn on music or the lights, control window shades, and even let you know that the kids are home?
  4. Appliance Feedback
    These days, high-tech heat control systems actually learn from your habits and adapt as your lifestyle changes. The gadget figures out how to maximise efficiency whilst keeping you comfortable.
  5. Home Servers/Media Centres
    Why not store media in a central location so that all family members can access it? There are also devices on the market that help you to display media on televisions, so you can enjoy it as a family.
  6. Wireless Speakers/Audio
    The addition of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers can reduce the clutter of freestanding systems (as well as being linked to your home automation system!). These speakers can be wired or wireless in design.
  7. Electricity Generation
    The technology for your home to generate its own electricity is actually available today! Geo-thermal, solar thermal and wind-powered systems allow a house to be independent of energy providers.

If you are thinking about building your dream home, we encourage you to consider incorporating some of the above technological solutions. Speak with your chosen custom home builder about the sorts of technology they have experience with and the types that they would be interested in experimenting with. You could have the house of tomorrow, today!